Monday, September 15, 2008

Tara Jaff: Kurdish Musician

Tara Jaff is a Kurdish musician specializing in harp. She studied classical music and piano at Baghdad's Musical Academy and her fascination with the ancient harps of Sumeria and Mesopotamia led her to the contemporary Celtic harp. Over the years Tara has attempted to introduce the harp to Kurdish folk music, in particular to folk songs in the Hawrami dialect. Her innovative style adapts to the various musical rhythms and modes of the region, bringing a contemporary expression to an ancient form of song and music.

Tara Jaff was born in Halabce in 1958 and moved to the United Kingdom in 1976 after the Ba'ath party forced her to leave the Musical Academy in Baghdad. She continued her studies in the UK and has since performed in various concerts and festivals, mainly as a solo artist. She is regularly featured in radio and television in several countries. She is also a member of the organizing committee of the annual London Kurdish Film Festival.

To listen to her music, go to her official website:


Anonymous said...

Bravo, Perî! That was an extraordinary blog post—Kurdish women are so interesting! But let's just say I hope I don't see a centerfold of Tara Jaff while I'm alive! I'm afraid my heart couldn't take it... Can't you find some material on REALLY interesting women though—women who are younger and prettier, and have fewer talents? Think of this woman's poor husband—how inadequate must he feel to be married to a musical virtuoso! Wouldn't their marriage be happier if she was less selfish, and, instead of playing her people's silly folk tunes, diverted this effort into the preservation of her good looks and the purchase of cosmetics and string thongs? So you see, any reasonable person can only but agree that Kurdistan's women are put to best use in satisfying the needs of their men!

Anonymous said...

I'm truly sorry for the immensely disturbing and sexist comments of some people who comment here. I'm proud of the women and men who both strive to achieve their freedoms and peace. Let not the perverted or distasteful words of others put us down. We do not need to rely upon the temporary and materialistic view of beauty or men who lack the respect to understand people. Kurdish people are much more than that and I truly hope to see more posts about inspirational Kurdish people. Thank you so much for informing and educating us.